Powering a Kickr at races

I’m looking to warm up on my Kickr at upcoming races but have no idea what I need to power it. Can anyone who’s done this point me in the right direction please?
TIA Andy

I have used mine of late. I have a Ford Ranger which has a 240v outlet in the back. SO I just plug in and away you go. It draws almost no amps so could easy be run of a 12v outlet (old school cigarette lighter socket) with a cheap inverter

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due to power issues in my garage, I used one of these daily (and sometimes twice) for about 2 years, can run a turbo and fan for over a year

Couldn’t get the car close enough :slight_smile:

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PS it’s basically a moped battery with a cheap inverted … under the top left flap is a three prong uk plug inverter

Thanks guys

Just bought this, should do the job

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I’m surprised that nobody linked to DC Rainmakers article on Team Sky’s battery powered Kickers. Here it is as a reference: Wahoo Fitness sponsoring Team Sky