Wahoo Kickr power pack wanted

Wahoo Kickr power pack. UK.
Can anyone help?

Yep saw it but 39.99 is a bit steep.

That is a bit steep, but when I looked for one I found that it was difficult to find a matching power supply for much less. You can find plenty of really cheap power bricks online, however many of those are not certified by US or EU safety authorities, some take some scary shortcuts in design/manufacturing.

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With the right connector, you can use a 12 volt battery. The power consumption is pretty low, so a battery with a charger would have you set.

I you have yours still just cut the plug off and connect to a generic 12v power supply, easy to find one for a few dollars.

Wahoo Kickr would cost around £600 minimum, if you could get hold of one, and that’s a reconditioned Core from Wahoo. £40 seems pretty cheap to have some backup in terms of warranty/support given how critical our trainers are right now.

This charger is the wrong voltage (too high) for the kickr. My 2016 kickr (gen2) came with the following 12v adapter. Since yours hasn’t gone up in smoke it looks like they are somewhat robust against overvoltage, but running it at 158% of the rated voltage could easily lead to premature failure.
Most laptops take more than 12 volts, so a laptop charger is not likely to be a good choice for a replacement power supply.

Getting the right voltage is one of the most basic things to get right when replacing a power supply - adequate current is right after that. From a few quick measurements I made, my kickr never drew close to the rated power of the power brick, so you likely could get by with one that provides less current.

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I’ve borrowed the power pack off friends new kickr core. Same voltage and wattage etc just different code number/model number. Readily available on net for £17 as well. Bargain.

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Oh okay. I did not know that. Best to use the right power supply. I’ve removed my comment to make sure no one would repeat my mistake. Thank you. Apologies for giving incorrect advice. I will check my kickr later power supply to see why it’s still working anyway.

The 12V battery I have produces 13.3V, the Kickr plug/adapter from the wall is 12.2V, is this too much of a difference? Thanks.

I can’t say for sure, you might try loading the battery with a small bulb and see if there’s a voltage drop. As a test, I ran my kickr17 off a 12 volt gel cell without any problems.