Wahoo Kickr Battery

Thought I’d post up the battery I made for the kickr to take it out to races where warmups are tricky.

I used a 14.8v li-po battery I had laying around. Bought a 12v regulator as that’s what the kickr takes. I already had a plug that fits the kickr. Soldered the plug and a battery connector onto the regulator. And that’s it.

I did a rough 30 minute session to get some numbers. Average workout power was 179w and consumed around 250mah. 350w pulled 0.8 amps. All in the small chain ring if that matters or not.


You could probably develop a nice little niche market selling these on some cycling equivalent to etsy


This is awesome! Such a simple yet ingenious idea! I can’t believe there is only one comment.

Looks like any 4s lipo battery would work and I have a couple 5000 packs. Should last about 4-6 hrs out in the field, plenty for a warmup, haha. Or workouts during a power outage. Many possibilities.

Where did you pickk up the plug? Part #?

Thanks! I ended up using it at a couple of races and it was perfect.

I can’t remember the exact real world numbers in terms of consumption during proper warmups, but I remember it being so small. One 5000mah battery would last a few warmups at least.

The plug came with a bunch of other plugs with one of the li-po chargers. Not sure what charger it came with or a part number. You might have to do a bit of research there :slight_smile: