Power2max s type screw plugs

I got one of these given to me. I was going to change the battery and noticed there was no plugs for the screws or O ring for battery cover. So I ordered them and fitted the battery yesterday, but I cannot for love nor money get the plus into the holes on rear. Any suggestions?

Assuming you have the right parts, push harder. I have two Type-S p2m. In my experience, those plugs are both difficult to remove as well as install.

I’ve tried pushing with a screw driver, I myt try some oil or something on them. I don’t really want go out until I get them on. It might be easier if crank was off but I’ve not much of a mechanic to be at that

I’d pull the crank off the bike. Those plugs are a pita to get on and off but that’s a good thing (means it does some sealing to keep the water out). You can try the smallest allen wrench you’ve got to help push it in (like a 2mm or 1.5mm is in my set). Or maybe a set of tweezers might help.

When I change the battery on my Type S I just end up taking the crank off as access is too difficult to do so with the cranks still on the bike.

Thanks guys, I left plugs in heat for a few hrs, then with the jewellery screwdriver I used to take screws out I pushed in with those. I’m not looking forward to taking them out again.
Did it from kickr core turbo, I was going to lying on the grass to see if that helped. But sorted now.

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