SRAM Force 22 crankset and P2M spider - hidden bolt issue!

I’ve just tried to fit a Power2Max NGeco spider onto my Force 22 chainset. The problem is the P2M spider isn’t configured for the hidden bolt, so now the pin that prevents shipping between the crank arm and chainring is in the wrong place (out in the open). Also the hidden bolt is now exposed and the retaining bolt doesn’t look like the others (this is probably only a cosmetic issue but a nuisance none the less).

I don’t feel happy installing something that may lead to problems down the road. Any thoughts?

Been running this setup for over 5 years- never had an issue.

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Ah OK. Good to know.

Might be worth double checking the limit screws on your front mech, just for extra peace of mind?

Indeed. And stop pedalling if it ships! :grin:

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Think the chainring has a marker for positioning it with a non-hidden bolt. Not sur what difference it makes though.

Not on this chainring. Tried to remove the pin anyway but it’s riveted not screwed.

On my Force chainset, there is a mark for ‘non-hidden bolt’ on the small chainring. It makes the pin go opposite the crank, if oriented that way.

Hi Splash. Yes, you’re right! just noticed that. It’s covered with a plastic cap. I’ll have a go with a punch & hammer tomorrow

Punch and hammer? To remove the hidden bolt? Sorry, took me a while to understand! Think it says something about removing them in the installation manual, but can’t remember what.

I had the same issue…turns out the pin just pops out and you can press it in the correct hole. The female part of the chainring bolt also pops out and you can use a standard one in its place.

Punch and hammer is the only way I can see to remove the pin. It certainly doesn’t screw out and it won’t twist out with pliers

Thanks craigmanning. Good to know that I can use a normal bolt on the “hidden” hole.

EDIT: Pin removed with a nail punch and moved 180 degrees. Rotated the chainrings and the pin is now behind the crank arm where it should be. Thanks all for the advice.