Power2Max battery cover solution?

So the battery cover on the P2M NGeco seems to be a pretty well known issue. I’ve lost 2 on my MTB this year…Anyone have a good solution? I taped it on with some Gorilla tape, which seems to work ok but was a bit sloppy looking. Power meter itself is great, it’s too bad the cover isn’t that good

I’ve looked at this, but haven’t had a problem with mine.

How is it coming loose? Are you hitting it with rocks? sliding it on the ground? silicone sealant is going to be your best bet. Otherwise you’re need a bit of shim stock, fishline, or wire, and use the hollow bolt holes to hold it in place. Has P2M made any suggestions?

A little bit of stick on grip tape should do the trick for the contact patches of the rubber and the metal hooks.

I tend to pedal ‘heels in’ and I think I hit it with part of my foot. It’s not a problem on my road P2M as my pedals don’t have as much float and they can’t contact it. That said, it’s possible that it’s been hit on rocks branches and stuff. the silicone sealant sounds like good idea. Probably easy to take off and would help with waterproofing, not that it’s a problem

So nothing is going to win against your foot, right? Your choices are to angle your cleat, try a chain guard, zip tie down through the ring bolts, or build a sheet metal cover/spring clip

Any further updates on this? I just bought one for my wife’s gravel bike and I need a shimano based power meter for my MTB but a little hesitant due to this battery cover situation. I really don’t want to spend the cash on the NG as I don’t need the additional features, but it does have the sealed, rechargeable battery which should be more robust on a MTB.

I had a power2max, worked flawlessly. Battery cover did fall off though and I just had it covered with electrical tape. I would not hesistate to buy another even with the cover issue, its a great alternative to Quark.

I’ve had one for 2 seasons…no issues with the battery cover.

So, I think a lot of the problem for me was my old MTB shoes. As my post above said, I had way too much float which caused me to ‘heel in’. I’ve since gotten new shoes and it’s not a problem at all. I’m not really sure why the old ones were so different.

I’d have no hesitation to buy another P2M

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