Plastic ring fell off inside of Power2max powermeter

I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else? I emailed Power2max support several days ago and haven’t heard anything back which is disappointing.

On the back of my 1x powermeter there’s a plastic ring held on by 2 tiny screws, it looks like the area that they screw into broke and it fell off. There was no impact and this powermeter is almost exclusively used in snow on my fat bike so I’m assuming the plastic broke due to cold?

It doesn’t seem like that ring has a weather seal to protect any electronics and it reported correct power readings while I carefully rode it home. I’m wondering if this is okay to run without or if the powermeter is done now?

Did you email P2M .cc or .com cc= NA and com = Europe.

I don’t think my PMs have that ring with screws. iIRC it was smooth. You should be able to put some heavy shrink wrap over it and keep in trucking. 3M vinyl maybe. Then replace when you get your part in.

The park look good, you should be able to clean everything, get the right screw sizes, and maybe apply some grease - P2M should be able to get you the right sizes.

Probably this size

I do not have such a power meter but it looks similar to the “preload ring” on my sram dub crankset, should be easily replaceable and meant as a cheap wear item to protect more expensive parts

I emailed both support email addresses.

Unfortunately the mounting holes for the screw are broken and there’s no way to put the plastic piece back on. looking at it again, there is some silicone covering what is the back side of the battery so many it was there to protect the electronics from damaged from an impact from stones or sticks

It’s out of warranty too so I guess I’ll just have to run it and hope it doesn’t die.

That is an original and screws for a Type S battery cover. Mine is an NG Eco

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Same happened to me. Dropped chain got mangled up in there and busted the plastic cover to pieces. I couldn’t find a way to get a replacement, so I 3d printed one. Not the best fit, but works well enough to protect the electronics.

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No response from Power2max which is pretty disappointing.

I ended up using “Shoe Goo” brand glue to put it back on and it seems to be holding for now with no affect on zero offset or power readings

I’d take it a hardware store or get a screw assortment off Amazon

Since this only has 2 screws holding the cover on, it’s just a dust cover. Don’t over do it if you glue it back on. Make sure you use a flexible, thicker glue (shoe goo is probably a good choice).