Power2Max experiences

I would ask P2M the question, they will figure it out.
That’s why I told you yesterday my SRAM Powermeter route because for less money I also upgrade my crank from GX to XX1.


I would drop them a line just to be sure.

This is from the SRAM single boost PM (which I’m assuming is what you are looking at):

The NGeco MTB SRAM single power meter spider (boost) is the power meter for all mountainbikers who already use a direct mount SRAM single crank set or a modular SRAM crank set with a Q-factor of 168mm (these cranks use 3 bolts to tighten the spider).

If I’m reading this correctly it will work with either the DM SRAM crank or a modular SRAM crank. The GX dub cranks are a DM SRAM crank so this PM should work and you can ignore the bit about the modular crank.

I don’t think chainring bolts usually come with a new chainring. In my experience these bolts are relatively standard but with a ‘long’ and a ‘short’ variant. They might vary with what size allen or torx head they use but the actual bolt part I think are usually the same. Also, I run a 30t ring which is threaded itself so there is no threaded insert that other chainrings would require (you can see the two parts if you look at the Absolute Black’s bolts. But the bolts are relatively cheap so if you want to be safe I would just buy the bolts from the same company that you buy the chainring from.

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I use the NGEco with Eagle AXS and the DUB crankset. I bought the Boost NGEco PM from Power2Max and it has fit and worked perfectly. It came with a Praxis chainring and it worked exactly the same as the SRAM chainring. Love it.


Just a note about using the NGeco on mountain bikes. P2M says it will only work with 32t or larger chainrings. They told me it will not work with the 30t Praxis. But they also said they have a customer who says he is running a 30t Garbaruk and it works great but haven’t tested it themselves so can’t verify.

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Just bought one of the Power2Max’s new gravel PM’s.
Gravel NGeco Sram 1x, for my Rival GXP crankset, so once that arrives will post about how it all goes.

GPLama approves of the NGECO.


I’ve had a power2max for years now.
It’s been on a road bike for 3 years ridden in all weathers, then on a cyclocross bike fof 3 years, ridden and raced then jet washed. Must have been through 10-20 BBs in that time and it’s never missed a beat. Has survived countless crashes including breaking a frame,
has been hammered out of a seized bearing and the cranks are skuffed to hell. battery lasts about 10 months and takes 5mins to replace.
Very impressive bit of kit.


These are all good things to hear, but we must have different battery protocols… The hardest part of changing the battery on the Eco I’ve had since March is opening the blister pack of the correct battery.


Of those 5 minutes, I bet 4 are spent opening the blister pack :rofl:


Hi, unfortunately I’ve had nothing but troubles with my Power2max Ng Eco. Lately, the power readings seems to drop out on regular occasions, especially after resuming pedalling after coasting. The readings (both power and cadence) seem to drop out for between 5 to 15 seconds before re-appearing. The result in that my power readings are lower as it reads the zeros as zero power.

To make things worse, I’ve been trying to contact Power2max, both in Germany and Australia, via email and can’t seem to get hold of them. I’ve been trying since early December 2020.

I’ve tried the usual things, like replacing the 2450 battery on a number of occasions (event with their recommended “Eastar” batteries, checked that it has the latest firmware, reinstalled the firmware etc). I have Wahoo Roam and have checked that it has the latest firmware of that as well.

Can anyone think of anything else I need to check/do??

I’m thinking that Power2max HQ might still be in “holiday mode”, or their lack of customer service (even acknowledgement) might be COVID-related - but at any relate this doesn’t help me. Hopefully they will reply soon as I’m getting frustrated…

If you’re struggling to get hold of a company, trying posting your problems to their social media pages as I often find this leads to a quick response.

What have you been using to read the power values? Have you tried different options to read the power, just to make sure it’s the power meter and not a flaky head unit?

Thanks will try that, including on DC Rainmaker…

Same issues on a Wahoo Bolt as well as the Roam…

The one thing that I haven’t tried (which I will do tonight) is to do a factory reset of the powe2max and see if that fixes the issue