Power 2 Max power meter feedback?

Planning on finally investing in a PM. Have been looking at the Power 2 Max spindle meters.
Any input / feedback from users on the forum would be highly appreciated.

Go for it! My NGEco has been going for years, never had any issues - good accuracy, price point, reliability…


I’ve recently bought an NGEco for my mtb. I’ve not had much time to try it out yet, but it was easy to install and setup.

DC Rainmaker has a review here: Power2Max NG ECO In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

Bought my NgEco a year ago… faultless and accurate. Build by the Germans so what would you expect :wink:

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Have an NG Eco - it’s great

Only thing that kind of stinks about it is the android app looks like it was built about 10 years ago

I have two Type S, road bike and TT. Never any issues whatsoever. I have no reason to believe that NG’s would be any different.

Yep only good things to say about P2M. Just make sure if you get the NG ECO remember to change batteries every 200 hours. I goofed once and thought the powermeter broke…

Only thing to note is the q-factor is wider than Shimano / Cannondale Si, to best of my knowledge it same as other FSA BB386 units.

I prefer a very narrow stance width and ended up back on Cannondale cranks.

Not sure if allowed but I do have a used P2M crankset available in the UK if you are in this part of the world and interested (bought new, not off a Cannondale bike, and with very little use).

I purchased a NGeco SRAM in late fall 2017 when they first came out. It’s been perfect since then.

FWIW I’ve not heard of anyone really having problems with their products.

I have a type S on my cross bike and NG Eco that I swap between fat bike and MTB, no issues at all, they just work and have stable zero offsets too

I can honestly say I have never heard a bad comment about P2M. I had a classic, and now 2 type S, and will soon be adding and NGeco to the MTB. They just work. All the time, as long as you change the battery.

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I have a type-s and NG. I lost the rubber USB charging port cover on the NG once. Other than that, no issues.

Why didn’t you just get a P2Max spider for your cannondale cranks?

Power2MAX NG Campagnolo Edition

3 years old and still the definition of Perfection!

I didn’t have a Cannondale then, I bought the P2M for my previous bike. Only ran it on the previous bike for a few hundred miles then again later on the Cannondale for even less

I just got an NG for my MTB, was super easy to install, and has worked flawlessly so far. Im really happy with my purhcase

Bought a used 2012-13ish unit (triangle battery door) and now have an NGEco SRAM. No one has ever made a bad comment about P2M. The only problem with the triangle unit was that it was hard to mount some chainrings. Get an NGEco - probably a SRAM or Rotor P2M-spec crankset and be done with it.

If you’ve got a dale, do not pay a lot of money of those unactivated spiders.

I have an NGeco on my carbon Praxis cranks.

Power2Max is the brand that DCRainmaker has repeatedly mentioned as his most “set it and forget it” brand, that goes on the bike and just works.

That matches my experiences so far.

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I’m about to order NGEco for my Praxis Zayante crankset.

Do I need to pay for additional accuracy (100E for 1% - by default is 2%)
When I asked them about the difference I god this:
“The p2m is tested and calibrated again, additionally by hand, on the dynamic test bench.”