Power2MAX Ngeco 2% or 1%


is the 100 buck upgrade from 2% accuracy to 1% accuracy worth the buck?
I am a 42 year old amateur cyclist who wants to begin training outdoors with a PM instead of only indoors on my Neo.


I have an NG Eco and it reports really good numbers. iirc there was mention that the only difference was every NG was tested/certified to 1% whereas they only picked a few from each NG Eco batch to test/certify. That could be totally wrong. Either way, the NG Eco I have has been solid and I have no issues training to the numbers it gives.


Same here…have the NG Eco…three years now and not a single issue. As an amatuer…save your money…2% is fine…I mean you are talking 10 watts range at 500 watts


Do you have the 110 or 110S version for your Shimano chainrings? The 110S is not in stock at the moment…

I have an NGeco’s on both my road and mtb. For me, the 2% was more than good enough. And with over 800 hours combined between the two not a single issue. Change the battery once a year for good measure but that’s it.

Like GPLama said… the only difference is certification level. Same tool, just a different guarantee. I can’t think of anything you’d ever be doing where 1% makes a difference in accuracy here. I’ve had 3 P2Ms, all great.
You might also be looking at the rechargeable battery too… coin cell all the way. .

I bought the NG Eco (based on your review actually, so cheers mate) and as you say it has been totally reliable for training. Had to replace the battery after awhile and the battery cover is a bit fiddly, but that’s the worst I can say.

NG Eco 2% is the Saint Grail of powermeters, NG Eco 1% is the same with a few sip of wine.