Makeshift battery cover for power2max ngeco

i lost the p2m ngeco battery cover only one month after buying.
i have been riding daily 50k this week and i have a metric century on Sunday.
if it safe to ride without a battery cover.

or just use gorilla tape or electrical tape? what else can i do to make water tight?

ordering a new cover is almost $20 including shipping. a bit overkill in my opinion.


I lost a cover on my very first ride through some aggressive brush.

  • I did an instant hack of G-Tape at one point and it’s still in use today (hooray for impressive battery life.
  • I did a prettier version for my trail bike.

For now, some well placed tape should work, but I am not sure how waterproof you can really get that?


Get some really good adhesion around the oval and do your best to overlap that to the flat side first. Then do some origami on the rounded ends if possible. may well benefit from some “triangle” trimming to get the tape cleanly folded down.

3D print a cover?

Only if you can find a pre-existing model available.

I didn’t dig super hard on limited time, but found nothing available at the moment. So someone would have to design one for printing purposes first.

That’s surprising. I live 10 minutes from their Canadian distribution centre. I lost my cover and I swung by and they gave me one for free.

I guess I’ve been lucky since I have over 10,500 miles between my road and mtn ngeco’s and have never lost a cover. That being said, I did order and extra one when I purchased my mtn PM just in case. I’m also diligent about making sure the cover is fully seated under both barbs when I install it. But I’ll admit the design could be a lot more robust than it is. Tape should be fine for holding in the battery and if done right would probably be somewhat water resistant.

I am in EU not far from their HQ in germany.
they ask 9 euro shipping for a piece of plastic they sell for 5. after spending 600 euros on the pm. they could at least offer free postage or send it for free…