Power targets, how close is close enough?

This has probably been covered before, but how close is close enough when aiming for power targets during repeats? I typically am within +/- 4-5 watts, or 3-4% on the work intervals. I feel this is close enough to achieve the desired purpose of the workout, but maybe I’m fooling myself. Thoughts?

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Power meters are only accurate in the 1-3% range. Your FTP is probably only accurate in the 5% range. With all the errors cascading on top of each other sweating 5-10W is just a part of being a neurotic cyclist. Try and get close, understand how the different zones should feel, and put in the kJs. You’ll get faster.


Absolutely good enough, you’re splitting hairs and operating well within the acceptable margins of your power meter.

Good job. I try to keep within 5 watts as well. Keeps my brain from freakin out.