Power Smoothing Not working on 2020 kickr

I have a 2020 kickr and all of a sudden the power smoothing feature does not work even though it is turned on for 5 seconds. I have " forgotten " and re linked both the kickr and my stages PM. And…when I do a calibration the MPH does not registrar or maxs out at 7.5 mph. I have no idea what brought this on. The only thing I have done recently is change the battery in the PM. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Very frustrating.

When doing a workout I can go well above the watts needed at a given moment. I am using ERG mode so this hould not happen. If watts in TR is 200 I should not be able to go to 230. In the past 200 would be the max no matter how hard i peddled.

If you are talking about power smoothing in wahoo app, this is not true :slight_smile: You simply didn’t see the power spikes but they were there in the power you have generated. This is the most useless function in the smart trainer.


So in the past workout FTP set by the workout in ERG mode. If it says 200 for 3min I would peddle at 200 and could not go above or even really below it. Now i can go above and below. Yes, I do realize and know that the smoothing is more visual but that is what I have used for quite awhile and I am used to it. So , that is gone for some reason and the ability in erg mode to be constant at a given wattage. Not sure why and I want if fixed for sure.

To give more clarity (doing a bad job, sorry) in the past ERG mode seems to ease up on the watts if I was going over the perscribed wattage during a given workout. Am I totally insane? Anyway, I have lost that functionality and my watts show well above or below what ERG mode has subscribed at that moment.

Could you provide a visual example before and after? This way will be way easier to assess the issue.

Not sure how I would do that. In that past the tension eases up if you attempt to go over prescribed watts for a given interval. Now if the watts for the interval are 200 I can ride at 250 or any wattage . In erg. mode my understanding is the kickr stays at a constant wattage no matter how hard u peddle . That is how it has worked in the past now it is not. And, along w that power smoothing not showing correctly. I have it set to 5 seconds but it is not working.

Does that make any sense?

Sorry you’re having trouble, the team can tell a lot about what’s going on by looking at your internal ride log, checking for firmware updates, and looking at the full scope of your devices. Feel free to check in with them at support@trainerroad.com and they’ll gladly help!

I think an email to support will help… i think you need somebody to go through all your different settings on both the wahoo app and trainerroad.

I don’t think you are quite clear on the difference between ERG mode, trainerroad smoothing and the kickr’s own power smoothing but something has clearly changed for you to notice it.

You mention that you have a stages power meter? Are you using that to record the power or are you using the wahoo’s own power? Maybe before you were using power from the wahoo but now you are taking it from the stages?

Somebody from support will be able to look at your files before and after the change an let you know what has happened.