Power outage, what to do

So was about 54 minutes into Bashful +6 and the power goes out. I only had 2 or 3 more VO2 max intervals left and the rest was steady state at 65% power. The power was out for just over an hour. Should I have gone back and finished the workout or just stack it up as a loss in TSS for the day. Just for reference, Bashful +6 is 1:30 minutes long and I’m in my 3rd week of General build mid volume.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it. You got in a really good workout for an hour. You could add some aerobic time to another ride during the week, perhaps lengthen tomorrow’s workout by 30 min aerobic time if you can fit it in. I wouldn’t sweat the two lost VO2 intervals in any case.

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Buy a Neo :rofl:

Came here to say that too :grinning:

Very useful whenever the dodgy electrics in my garage blow a fuse mid workout.

Or pre-race in the parking lot; no power outlet needed. I LOVE this about my Neo 2.

Lol, it wasn’t my trainer. It was the entire neighborhood.

That’s the point, the Neo doesn’t care if the power goes out :slightly_smiling_face: