Power numbers will not advance

Today I hopped on the train and was at the end of my first interval and I was going to push the last 30 seconds. I started to step on it and my power numbers would not advance past the recommended interval power.
Re calibration with both Bluetooth and Ant+.

Are you using erg mode? If so, the trainer increased it’s resistance to meet your increased pushing.


Yes I was using ERG but I always do. I did swap it to resistance but it made no difference. I could feel the resistance changing but the power numbers would not. I am on a recovery week and I could not get the power to more than 50% of my ftp.

What trainer are you using? I remember there being some weird setting in Kickr’s (I think) where it would basically just report the number that it was being asked to do. So your erg graphs would be impossibly perfect.

Also, what is reading your power? Do you have an on bike power meter or is it coming from the trainer itself?

Exactly what is happening. I updated it ( wahoo core) before I headed to work but that didn’t work. I will re download the program when I get home and hopefully that will work.
My power readings is from my trainer