Trek Checkpoint power meter options

I recently bought a Trek Checkpoint gravel bike. I’m interested in getting a power meter, I’m on a budget so I was going to get a crank arm type unit. I’m concerned though because I can’t even fit a cadence tracker on the crank arm because it’s so close to the frame. I’m just wondering if anybody with the Checkpoint has tried buying a power meter. Also wondering if there’s any other way I could find out.

The common option is to buy a right-side-only power meter. I’ve seen the Stages used, and others will likely work because they package the device different than the left-side designs.


Depending on what crankset you have, you could also look into the spider-based Power2Max stuff. I read nothing but great things about them.


All the stock CP builds are Shimano based, and the P2M ones are non-Shim based. So that would require a new crankset if he didn’t build it from scratch with a SRAM group.

But those would make for a nice set if you swapped to SRAM and the GXP BB to match.


Ah, I didn’t realize. Good call.

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Power meters come with cadence sensors, so you won’t need space for your old sensor. I have a 4iiii crank-based power meter. Installation was dead easy and after settling down, it gives me accurate power and cadence data.

I wish I could do that, but my point is that I cannot fit a cadence sensor so I also don’t think I’ll be able to fit a pedal with the addition of the power meter

I was about to pull the trigger on a new stages ultegra R-sided powermeter , but then I heard that Shimano is coming out with the gravel group set, (32 tooth cog) I would love to have some lower gearing on my bike so now this is a dilemma .

If all you are interested in is lower gearing, Shimano’s gravel group set won’t be of use to you. In 2x configuration you are officially limited to the same 11-34 cassette as it’s long cage road group sets. But all you need is a rear derailleur extender and a MTB cassette, that’d also be cheaper than changing group sets.

Sorry, I misread that. Yeah, if clearance is that much of an issue, a spider- or spindle-based PM is your best bet.

Apparently they will have a 50/32 chainset,
That’s why I hesitate to replace now with a 50/34 power meter

No, they will have 46/30 chainrings and in the more expensive variants also 48/31. But if that’s what you want, all you need to do is replace your chain rings with smaller ones. Absolute black, for example, has them on offer. Or you could go with cranks for a whole host of manufacturers, including Praxis and Rotor. Both of these also have cranks with power meters. In case of Rotor, it is dead easy, because their new cranksets are all direct mount, meaning you can seamlessly switch between 1x, 2x and various chain rings.


So you think even though it is a drive side power meter and comes with chain rings, I would be able to swap those chain rings out at a later date and still have the functionality of the power meter? Are you pretty confident of this? Because what is the purpose of selling the crank with the chain ring if it’s not necessary for the power meter to be installed?

Which crankset are you talking about? If you are referring to Rotor’s, then yes, you will be able to use any of their chain ring options, from 1x to 2x in their various sizes, round and oval. The power meter is in the spindle, so you retain PM functionality after changing chain rings and chain ring type.

Your answer is really helpful, but I was thinking whether I could switch to the shimano chainrings when they release the gravel group set

Perhaps we are talking past one another here: right now, to the best of my knowledge, there are no power meter options for Shimano’s new gravel crankset. It stands to reason that 4iiii and the like will announce crankarm-based power meters, but it will be months until they are available.

However, there are non-Shimano options for cranksets with and without power meters that allow you to use smaller chain rings. Or, if you forgo a power meter, you can use your current crankset with third-party chain rings.

What I’m asking is if I buy the stages power meter right now and put it on my bike, when shimano releases their new crankset will I be able to buy that and put it on my bike and still use the R sided stages power meter

I have a checkpoint.
Spent hours researching. Ended up with stages right side power meter.
Fyi. I run 50-34 up front with 11-40 cassette.
Just a ultegra medium cage derailer. No problems. I’m heavy and even loaded with bike packing gear no dramas on hills.
Previously had 11-34 cassette and unloaded that was fine.

You will not be able to retrofit right side power metre to a new crank. It’s bonded with glue at stages.

Pioneer might be another option as you can send them the crank and they will do the install.

I DID not find ANY left side crank powermeter that would clear the chainstay.
Was keen on the EASTON system bit treks bottom bracket ruled that out. So I went with stages. Apart from the battery cover braking when installing new battery- I have not had any problems in 7000km of riding.


A couple of pics of my checkpoint with stages right side power meter


This is awesome!
I had no idea I could use a MTB cassette, that’s a game changer