Power meter on praxis crank vs replacing with 105/ultegra crankset

Hi good people. So, I’ve been riding my specialized allez sprint for quite a while at this point, and it’s starting to show some chainring wear. Like, it’s probably not quite time for a new chainring yet, but there’s some sharktoothing going on on the big ring.

I have a pair of assioma pedals, but I’d like to put a crank-based meter on this bike eventually, just to reduce hassle of switching the pedals. Question is, as I start looking at a chainring replacement, would it be worth it to jump to a shimano crankset, or is the praxis just fine? If I stayed with the praxis, I’d need to go 4iii for power, shimano I’d probably look at stages.


Praxis has removable rings, and you can put on a Power2Max power meter.

Shimano has accuracy problems with the drive side, due to the offset bolt pattern, you can hear about it with GPLama (Shane Miller)


Thanks, I’ll look at power2max. No idea that worked with praxis so it’s nice to have another option.

Did you ever end up doing this? If so, how did it go?

Kind of let it slip with no races and all. I might try to put sram force etap on that bike this year but tbh might keep using the Assiomas till they croak then getting more. Those things have been tanks for me.