Pedal or Crank based units (power meter)

I’m looking at making the jump into power meter ownership and my local shop has suggested Powertap P1s pedals or a Stages LH crank for my 105 chainset.

Stages would tie me into staying with Shimano groupsets in the future and P1s would mean I need a second set of pedals for my SS bike so both have a couple downsides.
I can always stick with Powertap cleats on one set of shoes and Shimano on the other until I can afford a second set of pedals, and I guess mis-matched drivetrains isn’t the end of the world in the distant future.

So all things being equal (money and additional bits) which would people go for? They all seem to get good reviews so actual rider experiences I guess would be the deciding factors.

I went for assioma uno pedals. (waiting for them to arrive :unamused: )
Easier to swap between bikes than a crank plus they seem to be accurate and reliable.
Got a 35€ set of look keo classic for the 2nd bike to have compabitble cleats on both.

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I like the pedals best. so easy to swap between bikes. I have a set of powertap P1S that I switch between my road bikes, and a stages crank on my TT bike. I’ve dedicated one set of shoes as my TT pair and have power tap cleats on my others. Changing pedals takes under 5 mins.

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I used look keo cleats with powertap pedals for a while. It helped that the pedals were worn I think, but had no issues. although YMMV

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I’ve heard far more good things about Stages than Powertap in terms of durability and customer service. I also have Assioma Uno pedals.

Totally depends on the type of riding.

If you race crits I would advise against a pedal based system. I have had (and really liked having) the P1 for several years. It’s a great power meter and I can easily swap between my bikes but it does limit me in crits

If you want to swap between bikes a lot and aren’t racing crits then get the pedals, they are great

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Shimano cranks are pretty easy to swap as well if both bikes are the same system. I do it fairly often but wouldn’t want to do it daily. I went with crank-based because I switch between SPD and Look on my gravel bike. Then I swap the crank from my trainer bike to either my road bike or gravel bike outside. Only takes a couple minutes. All thee bikes have the same Shimano set up though.

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