Power Meter for Praxis Zayante Carbon


I plan on buying a Praxis Zayante Carbon Crankset with 160mm cranks and 32/48 chainrings. I’m set on 160mm cranks (tested against 165mm and 170mm) and sub compact chainrings (could also be 30/46).

Does anyone here know a power meter that is compatible (and costs closer to 500€ than 1000€ for a two sided measument)?

The only options I found were:

  1. pedal based power meters and because I have SPD cleats the only options are Garmin XC200 (expensive at 1000€) and Favero Assioma (hacked version; I prefer a rather narrow Q-Factor so this isn’t ideal).
  2. Power2max is compatible according to Gravel NG Praxis Zayante Carbon w/ Cranks 2x Chainring Package – Power2Max North America. I read elsewhere that power2max won’t work with the Zayante cranks but can’t remember where. I wrote power2max and will update this thread. Anyway at 1000$ it’s also a rather expensive option if it does work.

There is a pretty well informed discussion here https://www.reddit.com/r/bikewrench/comments/skd3vn/praxis_power_meter_compatibility/ but the OP does not intend to use subcompact chainrings so the discussed options may not work.

Any hacks? :wink:

Road cleats aren’t an option?

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If I “recall” correctly the Praxis infrastructure follows a Sram 3-bolt - this goes back in terms of compatibility when Praxis first started to interchange with Sram manufactured product.

That said - you can try a Sigeyi power meter for a inexpensive options. They dont advertise it on the website, but as I said I think they just use a 3-bolt interface.

If I am wrong, I hope someone can correct me.

*Edit - they have praxis listed in the compatibility list.

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I messaged sigeyishop.com and asked about my specific setup. I’ll update this thread.

Could be an option but…
I ride 90% on the road and 10% off-road. I also like the walkability of SPD shoes. I have never ridden anything but SPD. I have read that Speedplays clog easily so aren’t good if you ride /walk off-road. I know SPD-SL are bad for walking but do they also clog easily when walking off road with them?

I don’t see how look or spd-sl would clog up but recessed spd cleats definitely are better for walking but how much do you walk really? Sometimes I walk 1-2 km when I pick up my daughter from school /after school care and that’s doable with look / spd-sl/ xpedo Road cleats

I prefer road pedals for general cycling though, they are also better if you use them with regular shoes

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This is directly copied from their website, on the bottom of the page for the Zayante Crank:

POWER OPTIONS Aftermarket Road Power Meters for this crank :
Power2Max – NG and the NG Eco 3-Bolt Power Meter
SRM – 3-Bolt Power Meter
GARMIN - Power Pedals
LOOK – Power Pedals
Favero– Power Pedals
Velocomp – Power Pod

Based upon your inquiry above, my guess is the best optin is the Power2Max NG Eco., @ $490.

Maybe I should try SPD-SL then.

What power meter would would be compatible then that isn’t with SPD?

Assiomas are look compatible but I couldn’t tell the difference between spd-sl and look if my life depended on it

I’m on a praxis carbon. Managed to get a 4iiii put on it before they figured out they’re not compatible. If you were to go with the Power2max of either sort you’d be limited to 50/34 or bigger chain rings as they’re not compatible with Praxis’s proprietary design on their 48/32. As for me I’m going pedal based since I bought a few sets of chain rings before the issue with the 4iiii became apparent. I’m deciding between the Garmin Rally SPD-SL but more likely the Favero Assioma duos because they’re way cheaper. Unless you’re sort of fit agnostic avoid the Assioma Duo-Shi which are the shimano spd-sl compatible version. It adds something like 14-16mm to the stance width on each side so probably pretty different from what you’re running unless you have a wide stance then yes go for those. I should also add you need to provide your own shimano pedals for those as well as they only provide the spindle and power meter. Mine are going on a road bike that does maybe some light gravel so unclippability is not a huge priority. If you’re looking to stay SPD the Garmin Rally and SRM are your only options. Both fine, just pricey. The only pedal option not listed here are the Wahoo speedplays which are certainly intriguing and I haven’t ruled them out yet. They have complicated cleats but 2 sided entry and adjustable float. I’ll be shopping hard this year’s black friday and probably buy based on which becomes cheapest since they’re all supposed to be solid and accurate.

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I run/ran my Favero pedals with Look style cleats at all my gravel races this year including BWR NC which I probably walked 2 miles of that race between dirt, slight mud and asphalt.

They are fine IMO for light walking use unless its crazy muddy. I did need to replace my cleats after BWR due to them being so wore down.

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I checked with power2max (their email support is quick). Power2max NG Eco (and all their other power models) works with the Praxis Zayante Carbon but not with subcompact chainrings. Old SRAM 11 Speed chainrings are compatible with the Zayante carbon cranks but it seems that these aren’t available as subcompact chainrings (I haven’t found one at least in a 5 min search).

There is also another model NG Eco Gravel which is available with the Zayante Carbon with subcompact chainrings but not with 160mm cranks :person_facepalming:
But there is also the NG Eco Gravel with Rotor cranks and that is available with 160mm cranks and subcompact chainrings: https://www.power2max.com/en/product/ngeco-gravel-rotor-power2max-edition-set/ That would satisfy all my criteria and given that I would have to buy the crankset anyway it’s not expensive either.

That’s not an option because of the wide q factor

Also my experience. Have Praxis Zayante on my gravel bike and had to change rings (and thus gearing) to accommodate the P2M.

Besides that hassle, the P2M has been a rock solid power meter at a very affordable price for me.

You won’t notice the wider Q factor of regular look compatible assiomas maybe not even the even wider q factor of assioma-shi but I haven’t tried those

Glad you found an option! I didn’t realize (or may have missed) the fact that you wanted sub-compact rings.

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What chainrings did you change to and what power2max model do you have?

I see what you mean. I didn’t realize that the NON Shi Assiomas have a normal q factor. Still more expensive than the power2max option (given that I don’t have cranks yet) and I would also have to buy new shoes. Hmm :slight_smile:

I’ll admit if it wasn’t for my multiple x-rings I would probably opt for the Power2max NGeco with a 50/34. Get a wide enough cassette range and you’ll be able to get at least a 1:1 with an 11-34 11 speed or 12 speed (Sram makes an 11 speed 11-36 I use on my gravel bike with an ultegra derailleur. no issues). All the reviews from dcrainmaker and gplama are quite positive in regards to the NGeco. This way you can also use whatever pedals you like be they shimano spd, spd-sl, crank bros., time, you name it and have only one power source to worry about having batteries for. Figure you can also space out the purchase rather than getting everything at once. Praxis sells just the carbon crank arms sans chain rings that you can buy one month then go big for the power meter+chain rings the next.

One alternative (which I chose, FWIW) is to get the Garmin Vector 3 dual sided pedals (if you can find them in your market) and the xc conversion kit. Not cheap, but still way cheaper than a pair of xc200s. Not sure about outside of the US, but here you can find the pedals for $600 and the SPD (XC) conversion kit for $200-250, instead of $1200-1250 for the xc200 set.

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