Power meter offset changing after removing/reinstalling spider

Hey folks,

Anyone with a spider based power meter ever swap crank arms? If so, what was the change in offset?

I went from 110 to 250 swapping from aluminum to carbon crank arms for my newest build (Quarq Zero) and it seems like this is in normal range, but wanted to see if anyone else had experiences.

(won’t be able to ride until after the new bike fit next week)

Just to reply to my own topic since I found the answer.

When moving a spider and changing chainrings, the offset is expected to change for the first few rides and they recommend some hard efforts in each chainring to help get everything settled and help remove all of the residual torque in the system.

I went out yesterday for a short ride and did a series of efforts followed by a zero offset, and the offset would drop progressively and is now very close to the previous value (130 now versus 110 before).

So, in short, totally normal and expected for the offset to change for the first few rides after changing chainrings/crankarms.