55mm chainline-compatible power meter options?

Due to the current delivery timelines for XO and XX power meters, I’m looking for non-SRAM power meters intended for a MTB 55mm chainline. Obviously, power meter pedals are one option, but are there any other setups available for a 55mm chainline right now? I have been unable to find any spider-based PMs that would work - most are Boost spaced and I can’t find 3mm offset chainrings that aren’t direct mount.

Largely the chainring and crank spindle dictate the offset. A wider chainline would need a longer spindle and bottom bracket spacers. You can also use a chainring with 0 offset in some cases. As such any crankarm or spider PM will work. You can use the same spider on a road crankset as a fat bike.

What crank do you have? This is for the Blur TR from the other thread?

Yeah, this would replace the XO 55mm crank.

I have a power2max SRAM 3-bolt Boost power meter but I don’t think anyone makes a 104 BCD 3mm offset chainring.

I wouldn’t sweat it.
3mm offset. 0 is the middle of the spider. The chainring is 3mm wide and the flat chainring is bolted to the flat spider on the inside. 0 offset chainrings have the bolt holes cupped.

You should be able to find a 3-bolt crank. Not sure if there’s a dub BB 3-bolt, but with a BSA BB that’s simple enough to fix. I think you can use Praxis, 5dev, SRAM XSYNC(1), Cranecreek, Hope, Samox…

If you buy a 1x crank, the spindle length is more important than the advertised chainline, as you’re going to remove the stock ring.

Probably the part number you’re looking for. I’d just try the crank that comes with the bike. - https://www.competitivecyclist.com/sram-gx-eagle-dub-crankset-boost