Power meter offset changing

So do you all pay attention to your offset? I am wondering because I sorta track it in my mind always around the same number but to it changed quite a bit and wondering why?

Check the support site for the power meter maker. Many have FAQ info on the offset data. In some cases you are fine, others may require sending it in for service and recalibrating.

It only changed a from -280 to -185 just was wondering . Sure didn’t make over understand any easier today lol

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Some variation is expected. I don’t know the meter range or meter in question, but that may well be “normal”.

I keep track of it and depending on the brand it can be a sign that something isn’t quite right if you see a big jump from previous auto zeroing.

Quarq Dzero

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Aye, depending on the ambient temps my Stages will be ~890 when connected via ANT; 0 when on BT.

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These threads always interest me, my PowerTap P1 pedals are always in the 8-11 range (temperature depending) it amazes me some companies have much higher numbers when, presumably, they are all checking the same thing.

I pretty sure there could be an issue if a Quarq jumps more than 50 either direction, but I can’t remember for sure.
There Helpdesk is pretty good so give them a shout


Thank you for the info. I contacted them. It didnt seem to make either of my workouts any easier or harder than they should have been so not sure if there is an issue but asked to see.

One easy thing to check is if your chainring bolts have loosened. This will change the offset.

Just jumping on the thread… wondering why offset changes every time I press ‘calibrate’ immediately after the last calibration - although as per one of the other comments, mine only varies between +3 to -3 (Garmin Vector 3S). Is that tiny margin of error normal?

My Stages was always in the 890s with my 6800 crankset, when I went to my 8000 crankset it was always in the 860s.

Favero pedals calibrate at 0 which is different.