Left side crank meter spline

I was ready to switch to the 4iiii left side meter, but my spline is clearly different.
I don’t feel like I am finding what I need to through google. Any thoughts on what I need to ask for or is this too old of a spline setup for the current products?


I am searching to confirm, but that sure looks like old-school ISIS bottom bracket and crank interface (maybe the Shimano Octalink as well?). It’s actually still the system of use on our silly trials bikes, but largely dropped for most other uses these days.

Anyway, I am not sure there are any common power meter cranks that work with those older BB/Crank interfaces.

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The bike is a 2006 Guru, not sure if that helps or if this oem

Precise bike model and/or component group installed (specifically the crankset) would be most useful. Presumably there are several models and specs with a bike from that age.

  • But without that info, the age of the bike sure seems to match up with that outdated crank standard. As I added above, a crank-based power meter won’t be a direct fit for you would be my guess.

At best, you would likely need a new bottom bracket (with a modern interface like the Shimano arm in your picture), and the drive side crank to match.

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Thank You, that points me in the right direction. To the Bike shop at the end of the week.

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