Left sided power meter compatibility

Hello all!
I am considering buying a left side only power meter for my TT bike but I am a little confused on picking one out. Are cranksets interchangeable with each other? I have SRAM RIVAL OCT crank, would a Shimano crankset work from 4iii? The options look a little better to me for a Shimano crankset. Any guidance would be appreciated!

You’ll need a SRAM lh crank, cranks aren’t really compatible outside of the manufacturer, and sometimes not even within same brand.

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SRAM do a different BB from Shimano so off the shelf it won’t be compatible. There’s probably more standards but my SRAM GXP BB is larger than my shimano BBs. If you want 4iiii I think 4iiii do a fitting service and can fit the pm to a SRAM crank. They might sell them pre assembled also.

You generally can’t mix and match crankset parts, you’ll need the correct crank, or change the whole crankset.

If you do change the whole crankset, you still need to make sure it fits your BB.