Power Match without Erg Mode - Please Explain!

I am using a Kickr Snap and Favero Assioma power meters with Erg Mode and Power Match turned on. My experience with Erg Mode / Power Match is that the resistance would inexplicably drop out in the middle of an interval and I would be way under target until I slowly clawed my way back up. My cadence was fairly steady and I wasn’t changing gears, but I’m willing to chalk it up to poor form.

The other day I decided to switch from Erg Mode to Standard Mode (3/9 resistance). I didn’t turn off Power Match as I assumed it just wouldn’t work without Erg Mode. However, even in Standard mode, the Kickr would change resistance to keep me near the target. I don’t understand how that is possible, which leads me to believe I do not fully understand how Erg Mode and Power Match work.

Any insight into what is happening here?

For the record, in Standard Mode with Power Match on, the Kickr would still change resistance, but I wouldn’t get big power drops in the middle of an interval. I had to change gears for big changes in power, but I was able to keep my power closer to target, and it was a better experience overall. Now I am just confused.


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What you are describing does not make sense.

To the best of my understanding, PowerMatch is only active in ERG mode. It should have no impact in Standard or Resistance Modes.

There are 3 modes for trainer control:

  1. Erg
  2. Resistance
  3. Standard.

I would suggest trying Resistance mode and retesting for the sake of comparison. When I use something other than Erg, I like Resistance better than Standard. Maybe that will resolve your issues?

I know. It doesn’t make sense to me either. I’ll give it another shot this weekend. All I can say is that I am certain the power was adjusting while I was in standard mode. Very strange…

I’ve the exact same set up. Initially I had some odd experiences like that too. I sent support tickets to kickr trainer road and assioma. Each tried to help but could not offer any insight. In the end after recalibrating the snap and the pedals a few times it just went away.
No issues since the first few times. I can’t help with your query. I don’t fully understand power match either. I did not feel the power/ resistance was accurately being produced in the snap. It seemed too easy and I was at 120% ftp.

My current set up is power comes from the snap and I use the assioma’s as cadance.

Not sure why you would have power match on if you were using anything other than erg mode? Perhaps try turning it off as there may be a simple conflict with having it on yet trying to use slope or esistance mode?

Yea, that could be it. I didn’t turn it off because I assumed it would only work in Erg Mode. Will give that a shot too. Thanks!

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