PowerMatch averaging higher than interval target

I’ve recently noticed that PowerMatch is making me work about 5-6% harder than the workout prescribes. Has anyone else had similar issues? On one hand, I don’t really care as long as I’m still able to finish the workout. On the other hard, this is already hard enough without the software/hardware conspiring against me. :sweat_smile:

Here’s the most recent example. These are the sweet spot intervals in North Pack. The entire workout was done in erg mode. E.g. Sweet Spot 1 asks for 85% FTP / 209 but end up doing 90% / 222; Sweet Spot 2 ask for 95%, but I average 100% FTP, etc… I try to keep a very even cadence and don’t touch the shifters.

For the trainer, I have a Wahoo Kickr w/ the following settings disabled: Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter, Erg Mode Speed Simulation, Erg Mode Power Smoothing. The bike is using a Quarq power meter which I zero prior to every ride.

In TrainerRoad, the settings are: Mode=Erg; PowerMatch/Auto; Power Smoothings (Secs) = 3;

Any insight appreciated. Thanks!

Contact support so they can track the issue (Hard for them to know how much effort needs to be made to fix an issue if they don’t hear from the people having an issue)

This might be related to:

Very helpful and the thread you mention looks very relevant. Should have searched a little harder. Will reach out to support as you suggest.