Training and racing on different power meters

Hi folks. I’ve just bought a new bike, and have decided to use my old as a dedicated trainer. I’m a heavy/salty sweater and really like the idea of avoiding the corrosion issues on my “good bike”. My trainer bike is running a PowerTap hub power meter, and my new bike dual assiomas. How do I go about reconciling the differences between the two? Would it be sufficient to take a couple ftp tests on each, note the difference, and adjust from there?


I speak from no experience of this but. If you can, I would put the PowerTap on the new bike with the assiomas and do a few test runs on the trainer and outside over a range of power levels to see how they track. Then I believe you can adjust the assiomas slope to try and match the powertap.

It wouldn’t be easy to put the hub on the new bike, there’s a miss-match on gearing. But you gave me a good idea I think, to install the assoimas on the old bike, and then I could compare the readings real time between the hub meter and the pedal meters. I think this would be effective!

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You’d be better off putting the pedals and the PowerTab wheel on the same bike and doing a variety of intervals where you record data from both power meters and then coming up with the gaps at various power levels

It is likely that they offset will be small, but different at different powers.

The longer the duration the interval the better and more stable the data will be - but you should include everything up to VO2 levels so you can truly compare them

You can use this to create a rough power curve for each and map the differences across the ranges of power


This makes good sense. I think I could probably even use the DC Rainmaker analyzer tool.


That’s exactly what I do every time I change meters, if at all possible to ride them at the same time just once. Happy bday :+1: