Power in TR and Wahoo Elemnt not consistent


I have the following set up:

  • Powermeter: Quark
  • Cyclo Computer: Wahoo Elemnt
  • TrainerRoad on iPad
  • Powermatch: Auto

When starting a session the power I visualize in TrainerRoad is consistently 20-40W more than what I see in my Wahoo.

Why? Is there a way to correct this? What measure should I trust?

Which Quark? Is it single or double sided measurement? I presume you’re connected via bluetooth to the iPad and by ANT+ on the Elemnt. Do you calibrate both devices every time? Do you have the same amount of power smoothing on TR and the Elemnt?

Some power meters, specifically the Powertap (was Quarq, now SRAM owned) P1, only report one sided power via Bluetooth but I think this is an implementation detail rather than some limitation of bluetooth itself.

What trainer are you using?