How to correct leg imbalance

I recently got a stages single side power meter and my power numbers are 30% or more lower than when i was using kinetic inride power. I connected both at the same time and saw this happening too. I have though that i have had a bad led imbalance for a while, but this now is confirming that. What should i do to rebalance my legs, should i lower my FTP 30% and train off that?

I don’t think you are seeing evidence of imbalance. Your original power source wasn’t a true power source and so you can expect it to read differently compared to your stages. To confirm imbalance you would need to move to a true dual sided meter.

I would suggest just training with the stages meter and use those numbers. The numbers don’t really matter in absolute terms once they are consistent.

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FWIW, I concur. Further, if you are starting with sweet spot base there are too many single leg drills. If it’s a true imbalance, be diligent about the ILD, spend time doing lunges and steps ups.

Leg or muscle imbalance is probably better to sort out at a gym etc as you might find that it could be connected to other muscles not just the legs.

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