Postponing Speciality Phase After Being Sick

Hi Everyone! I am looking for a bit of advice. I was due to begin my speciality phase two weeks ago, then fell ill with a stomach virus and now have a pretty heinous sinus infection, but am on the mend. My first event of the season is in early March, but is a β€œB” race. My question is, should I go ahead and begin my speciality phase (Cross-Country Marathon) next week OR repeat the last four weeks of my build phase, then beginning the speciality phase after my first event? Doing the latter will put me completing my speciality phase closer to my β€œA” race. I am almost positive this topic has been discussed on one of the podcasts, I just do not remember which one. Thanks and cheers!

There’s also a bunch of threads that may have some good info. Keyword - Illness


Thank you!

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