Post Your Strength Training Routines


there are athlethes such as Uchimura (several times gold medalist at olympics, rings) that fast through the whole day, while doing several hours of hard training. He only eats later at night for dinner when he’s done with everything for the day. That should pretty much destroy all those ‘‘if you don’t eat within this window you won’t get gains’’. I used to eat frequently too, then when I found out about these athletes and their dietary regimen… I figured you don’t need to eat as often at all to keep your gains.

The only thing missing from this discussion they are having is intensity. IIRC, most of the studies on minimalist training / minimum effective dose involve a significant amount of RPE 9 or RIR 0-1 work.

My personal experience is that minimum effective doses + high intensity + compound lifts leaves me with soreness that is not compatible with high intensity bike work unless I keep the exercise selection very constant e.g same exercises every week.

I have tried e.g. Week 1 Squat, Week 2 Deadlift for maintenance and the CNS load of the deadlift is just too much. Albeit I’m pretty weak - and so my one set of 160*10 @ 70kg highlights my lack of experience as a lifter.

I’m going to include my full schedule for context.

Mon 90 min Threshold TR
Tues 90 min Endurance TR
Wed 60 min Recovery TR - 20 minutes Upper Body Kettlebell
Thurs 90 min Sweet Spot TR/Outdoors
Friday 90 min Endurance TR/Outdoors
Saturday 2-3hr Free Ride
Sunday 60-90 min Recovery - 30 minute Upper Body Kettlebell.

In the offseason I will shorten my recovery rides/and lighten the intensity on days following strength training, and do full boddy Kettlebell routines.

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My routine at the moment doing base, mostly for maintenance 2x a week

Morning before ride 30ish pullups

4-5 hours after ride at the gym:
Warm up goblet squats
Warm up 1x5 Romanian split squat
4x4 to 6 pistols squats 4kg weight
3x10 Overhead press
2x8-12 Romanian dead lift (alternating single leg version)
2x12 kettlebell row
2x close to max incline pushups

If I’m quick I get it done in an hour but usually a bit more.

My full winter schedule:

Mon 90 min easy
Tu Strength (squat focus) + 90 min tempo right after
Wed 90 min easy
Thu Strength (deadlift focus) + 90 min tempo right after
Fri 90 min easy
Sa 90 min upper tempo/SS
Su Strength (latt pull down focus) + 90 min easy later in the day

I work out when it fits the schedule. Which means strength training during the weekdays is just before trainer rides. Not optimal but back to some of my best numbers in the gym only 6 weeks back at it. I do only 3 sets of 4-8 reps squat, deadlift and latt pull down just switching focus (meaning what will be the heaviest relatively that day). And some random exercises (hamstring machine, hip thrust machine, facepulls).

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