Post season reports

I think MANY riders here on the Forum would benefit from a post season report!

IMO, too much focus here on the Forum has been on “What’s your FTP?” and how you got there and, as you know, FTP is not the end game. It may also not even be a priority goal to achieve your season goals.

FWIW: In my own case (hilly road racing), TTE and Stamina were the primary goals for my first season racing (i.e. stretching the curve to the right) were more important where FTP improvements came along for the ride]. For example, while my FTP rose from 3.0 to 3.8, more importantly, my CTL was 114, TTE was at 1:06 and Stamina in the low 80s. And not surprisingly, my results matched where you would expect: some great; other areas to improve in future seasons.

So, to your question:

To the extent you can post season report, I think that would be very helpful. Off the top of my head, it would include: goals, strengths/limiters against these goals, training plan you followed, adjustments you made (such as the added endurance and strength training you are doing AND why), season results, your view of your results, improvements for next season/lessons learned. And, of course, to the extent you can use TR charts and tools to post for others to emulate, the better.

A dream scenario would be a thread as long as the FTP ones asking: What’s your season results? (or something like that).


There was a fairly active thread in December 2021 on last season.

Edit: its here:


I welcome this and there’s a similar thread about race results with myself and one other person posting. Seems as though the forum users really have taken the process > outcome goals seriously. Historically not a lot of interest in celebrating our successes, don’t know why.

Yeah, this might not be the right one, but is the first one I found in that light:

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LOL!!! . . .

I was typing a response to you in another thread and “the Forum” came up with with the response “this is your 3rd message to @mcneese.chad, do you want to send a message instead?” I clicked YES and thought I posted a private message as such. So then I see @WindWarrior respond, and I say to myself “Oh No!”. But re-reading my post, perhaps it isn’t so bad :rofl:

@WindWarrior Thanks!


I just skimmed through the thread (link @mcneese.chad posted). This is very close to what I was suggesting updated with the following . . .

For context, the discussion we were having was around the Progression Level chart matching this particular cyclist’s goals. The cyclist’s post was about failing a particular workout. I used the PL chart to guestimate that it was due to the training and I used @mcneese.chad PL chart for reference.

So the addition/update I’d be recommending to the 2021 season thread would be the inclusion ones PL chart (and related commentary relative to the plan being followed).

The PL chart is tracking achievement of workout difficulty score, right now its a bright and shiny object, and I get some are interested in reading performance/fitness tea leaves with PLs. What if I told you my 2021 finished with really high fitness but there was little correlation of that to my PL chart? Very little progression in workout difficulty averaging about 8 hours/week, and yet fitness nearly reached all-time highs from 2017.

There is another thread where Nate shows a concept where TR attempts to track underlying fitness (as opposed to workout difficulty achievement).


This would be a great TR feature: automatic creation of a post season report that showed:

  • Change in FTP
  • Total hours planned, total hours completed
  • Total workouts scheduled, started, completed, compliance metric
  • Plan components (e.g., Sweet Spot Base LV1, Short Power Build LV, etc.) scheduled, compliance to plan with some type of AT “impact” analysis - that is, did AT make your workouts harder? easier?
  • Some way of indicating how non-plan rides impacted your training
  • PLs start of season, PLs end of season, highest PL during season by zone with date
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