Post ride nutrition

Hi Folks,

Please help, I am a seasoned rider a have completed a few TR (Mid-volume) plans and replacing my weekend schedule rides outdoors with Saturdays being 100km+ fasted state ride (nothing eaten from 21;00hrs the night before). My Sunday rides are also 100km+ with a coffee/muffin stop at approx. 70km mark.

After ride recovery - weekends

  • Fuel – overnight soaked steel cut oats/flax seeds in oat milk with raspberries/strawberries/blueberries/dates & cinnamon
  • Hot & cold shower
  • Stretch & roll
  • After about an hour have a handful of almonds/pistachio nuts/black tea/spelt toast
  • Resume my normal eating pattern throughout the day, salad/roasted veggies ect….

My problem is after the rides/recovery/stretching I seem to be going to the toilet every hour (to late in the night) for a poo! Small smelly Baby poo’s to be specific, I should also add that I am plant based partial vegan.

Can anyone shed some light on this, Is this an over source of protein, sugar or fat?

Thanks in advance.

You might be getting dehydrated on your rides. The large intestine will absorb water from the food waste which might be part of the cause of the small hard stools.

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Why aren’t you fueling your rides? Two long fasted efforts (100km Saturday and 70km Sunday) seems extreme to me.

Not 100% it’d fix your issue, but getting fuel in more consistently over time will help you in a lot of ways, including digestion. You’re essentially binging a high % of your total daily calories in one go after these rides and this could be one way your body is protesting