Post Ride Analytics

I’ve contacted support about this both in the distant past and recent past and never have received an answer nor do they seem interested in fixing the bugs.

  1. First, these things do not affect the workout itself, the power targets during the workout are what they are supposed to be - this is just a frustration on the post ride analysis and evaluation side of things.
  2. If you compare the picture of the screenshot from the app from my “Harner” workout you will see my tss is 8 higher that “goal” and my if is 5 higher…which I knew was off because I didn’t hit my power targets during the workout on the sprints…so I look at the post ride analysis which opens up the web and low and behold the tss and if are correctly labeled here. What gives. See pics for proof.
  3. When I go and evaluate my efforts during the workout - this is another frustration - if you look at the image that list sprint #10 for example - you will see my avg power for the sprint was 464 with a target power of 397…but wait - the actual power target was 458 - see pic where I hover the curser over the workout graph. Also, if you go to the description of the workout - for that sprint - the percentage of the goal should have been 458. Why does it show the target power as 397 down in the list of intervals?

It seems that all these issues are in Vo2 workouts. Once again, it doesn’t affect the actual workout but is very very frustrating when doing post ride analysis to see such discrepancies in what was done and what they are showing was the goal. Then to have the discrepancies between the tss and if between the app and the web.

Am I the only one that looks at the post ride analytics or am I the only one that is bothered by them? And why does it bother me if the workout is right???..I have no idea, but it does.