TSS...IF discrepencies?

Anybody have discrepancies between the app and career page? TSS and IF when I finish a ride on the windows app will be like 107/97…92/.88…then when I look on my career page it will be like 102/97…90/.88…then when I click on the ride to see the specifics often the TSS will be one point higher or lower but the IF will be the same.

I’ve been seeing discrepancies in average power and target power for intervals between the desktop app and my online data. For example, yesterday I did Baird -2 (15 x 1 minute VO2 max efforts at 120%). Target was 272 watts on each of the intervals. After I’d completed the workout, I studied my data online and the target power for each of the intervals appears as 269 watts, and my average power per interval is a few watts higher than the app. I’ve submitted a support ticket and await a reply.

I can’t speak to the Windows app, but there’s a rounding error between the active workout in the Android app and every other view (Android active workout truncates; everything else rounds). That results in stuff like this for me:


In that case, 70% of my FTP was 103.6. The app truncated the value and gave me 103 as the power target (and I train in Erg mode, so that’s exactly what I did), while everything else has 104. I ended up with slightly lower TSS and IF than projected:


Anyway, possibly something similar is happening with Windows app. (TR support has already confirmed the Android bug for me.)


There are small (1-2W) inconsistencies sprinkled throughout. For example, the target power for an interval when I preview a workout can be a smidge different than the target power when I load it up to ride.

Not anything that affects my training, though, and not something worth diverting resources from higher priority development work IMO.