Possible to sync calendar to other apps?

Is it possible to sync planned events & workouts to other devices, or pull events from other calendars to TR (Namely my iphone calendar)
It springs to mind as I’ve spent the last half hour going down the road race calendar for my region picking out events I plan on entering for the season and adding them to my TR calendar. It’s just occurred to me that I now have to do it again as I have 3 or 4 different calendars all syncing to my iphone at present so I can at a glance, see what Facebook events, work events etc etc… I have. I’ll also be adding my race weekends to this, it would be nice if I could either import them to TR as a batch, or export from TR to it so I don’t have to do this twice.
From a training point of view, its great to have it all on Trainerroad, but from a life point of view, I need it on my phone.

@Nate_Pearson has already confirmed that sync’ing the TR calendar is at least in the road map if not actively being worked on. If you search the forum i’m sure there was a poll asking what features we would like if they did an early roll out.


The calendar sync is mentioned at the bottom of the OP.

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Can’t work out how to link Nate’s poll on a phone but if you search on “google iCal sync” it comes up near the top.

This is now live!


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And my month looks very busy all of a sudden :grin:

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