Portable Air Conditioner Recommendation

The short: The balance between realistic sleep and training is severely if not obliterated by the early morning heat down here during Phoenix summer.s So looking for portable ac unit recommendations for a small (less than 500 sq’ room).

The long: Since March my schedule has been open and for the first time ever I’ve been able to be consistent. So far reaching all time PR’s for basically every metric since using power back to 2007. Kinda sad if you think about it but, I digress… My wife and I would sleep in and wake up naturally about 7:30 each morning just after the last vivid dream cycle. Never and I mean never before had I experienced this. I understood what was happening and now that the heat is building I’m cutting sleep short to get out while it’s “cool”. Predictably, I’m not going so well anymore.

Work will continue to be light this summer so, the opportunity to “sleep in” is there and I want to take it. Anyone use a portable unit? Thought? Recommendations?

whichever one you get, make sure its quiet. Some of the portable units are LOUD (ie mine haha)

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I guess budget would be a question. a “mini-split” would be the best option, but can run a few thousand dollars.

I have a Friedrich ZoneAir that I have used for 4 years to cool my garage. It’s been reliable and functioned despite high-heat and sawdust. However, the key is you have to port the hot air outside, which makes it a little less portable. I exhausted it through the wall. You can do it through a window, but not sure how much efficiency you lose. Regardless, it’s not terribly loud (not louder than a fan) and has a remote and thermostat.

And there is an AmazonBasics version that seems to have pretty good reviews that is less than half the price.

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Thanks. I think, as crazy as this sounds, I’d use it in one room with the doors closed while the central air is set and running on it’s normal schedule. So, the ambient room temp would be around 78 with the central air. With the portable I’d like to get it down under 70. With my Lasko blower fan I think it would be a winning combo. Our garage is too big and wicked hot in the summer.

Which one? Just getting info on what to avoid as well…thanks.

I live in Florida so I feel your pain. I run 3 fans, and I still had a swimming pool underneath me after every ride. I recently just purchased this Costway portable AC unit. My pain cave is one of the spare bedrooms, so whenever I ride I just pop the vent into the window and crank the AC down to 64 degrees (the lowest setting). After about 5-10 minutes, the room is 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is with the humidity though. Makes the efforts much more manageable, and also keeps my fiance from freezing in the rest of the house.


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Danby from costco

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I agree on the mini split. I live in an old house without any ductwork reaching the master bedroom. For the first year, we used a portable AC that was super loud, drank watts for breakfast, and still wasn’t effective. We bit the bullet and put in a minisplit, and it’s life changing. Now we sleep at 66-68 every night and sleep quality has gone way up.

It was expensive, but invaluable.

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We live in Florida and I do the same. However… We use a portable AC in the garage in the summer that is vented out one of the windows. It doesn’t really lower the overall temp in there- but with 2 large fans and the AC- that little bit of cold blowing on me from the AC feels AMAZING in the summer. And I’ll echo the comment about humidity being a huge difference.

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There are a number of portable “swamp coolers” which would be perfect for Phoenix…they are like $50-70 on Amazon. You might need two of them for that size room, but worth looking into.

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