Poor app performance over long durations

I have noticed lately that when I run do a very long TR workout (3-6 hours), the app performance begins to suffer.

On Friday I did Highland (5hrs Z2) and the app crashed at 4:35. When I restarted, the workout only showed 1:49 completed. So i just did 25 more minutes, scrapped the whole workout and manually entered my duration and predicted TSS. Very frustrating. Actually, every time I go above 4 hrs in a workout the app crashes at some point.

Even before the crash, I notice the app performance gets very sluggish and buggy. The intensity +and- keys react randomly. Sometimes just running away and increasing or decreasing by 10-20% with a single button press.

When loading the app, sometimes I just get a never ending loading screen. Sometimes it takes literally 5 minutes to load my calendar.

Is this a known issue or has anyone else experienced this? Is this maybe an issue with my phone? (2021 Motorola Power)

It sounds more of a device issue than the app. Possibly your phone is overheating. Then again, the people that are doing TR workouts that long has to be 0.001%. So I’m not sure how much actual relative experience others will have.


I have seen issues on workouts over 2 hours where the countdown timer just stops and you are stuck on the power for that interval. That’s using a laptop so I don’t think it’s solely down to device use.

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Which OS?

On Android (my experience), there is a long-stranding known problem (known to us) - but never addressed - with longer duration workouts causing increasingly laggy touch responses, especially noticeable with with the +/- Intensity buttons, to the point that +/-becomes unusable given a sufficiently long workout session. Memory-leak type symptoms. The more powerful your Android device, the longer the workout duration before this behaviour begins to manifest noticeably. On lower power devices, it’s observable >1hr, which is v poor IMO.


I’ve noticed that adjustments in the % power are very responsive at the beginning of rides and very laggy at the end of rides. I’ve never tried a five hour indoor ride though - I can’t go longer than 3.5 hours indoors without the saddle being absolutely excruciating. I use the iOS app.

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Yes! This is exactly what I am describing! Glad to know it isn’t just my device, but discouraging that a quite expensive service/app isn’t better. Loading the app, calendar, and workouts always seem to take too long.

I’m on Android 11.

TrainerDay’s app in my opinion suffers this same issue with iOS devices (perhaps others).
TrainerDay Forum post about slow app

Ride time clock around/after two hours eventually crawls to a near stop. The app become slow to respond at that point. They have made several attempts to squash the bug(s).

Hey there,

Improving Android app performance has been a recent focus of ours, so your feedback is valuable on that. Our development team will take a look into this so we can continue to make it better!


Hey @BlueHeron, the team is testing running long rides on different Android devices and has a follow-up question:

Are you keeping the phone plugged in during those longer rides? The Motorola Power phone has an auto battery-saving mode that’ll kick in if it’s enabled.

If you don’t mind leaving your phone plugged in when you complete your next long TR Workout and report back on how it went, that would be great!

Additionally, you can turn Power Saver On / Off by following these steps:

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
  2. Battery. .
  3. Battery Saver. .
  4. Tap ‘Turn on now’ or ‘Turn off now’.
  5. Turn off when fully charged. to turn on or off .
  6. Set a schedule. then select one of the following: No schedule. Based on percentage. Slide the. percentage bar.
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I don’t always keep the phone plugged into a charger when doing workouts. But one occasion when I did do a long workout it was plugged in and I did experience a crash. All other times the phone was at either full battery to start, or full enough that battery saver would not have kicked in.

Is there reason to suspect that just having battery saver turned on will interfere with TR?

I have not had another opportunity to do long TR workout (I’m on a recovery week currently). When I do I will report back here.

I would also like to thank the TR team and the tech who reached out to me by email. It is encouraging to see real responsiveness to a customer concern.

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I had this issue with my old android tablet (2017 or so). It started mildly years ago sometime after the app was re-architected. Sometimes I’d catch the clock stuttering ad skipping seconds here and there in the countdown. It slowly got worse until last year it would lag constantly by the hour mark and a really good chance of crashing by 90 minutes. It seemed like memory pressure. Ram would get low, a big garbage collection cycle would run, and maybe the app would crash. The old version of the app was so much snappier.

Finally got a new tablet and it’s been “fine”. More ram, faster cpu. I’ve been curious to pull out the old tablet to see if the recent app performance changes would make a difference. TBD. My tablet is dedicated to trainer so it’s always plugged in and essentially only runs TR.


@BlueHeron, to answer your question, yes. :slightly_smiling_face: When there is app slowness, if the battery save mode is enabled, it can affect the performance by not powering the app as it should, thus running slow and crashing.

I know Brandon gave you some troubleshooting steps already, like checking that your phone is running on the latest software update and that you have enough storage (which seemed to be the issue with @gcarver slowness), as these are other factors that can cause app slowness and crashing.

When you get a chance to try things out with your phone plugged in and the battery save mode turned off, make sure you’re also closing out any other open apps.

Lastly, depending on how your next long workout goes, I would like to test things on a different device, like a computer, to see if this is a device or app issue.

P.S.: Thanks for the kind words and patience :heart_hands: