Poll! Percent Of Cyclist Using A Banned Substances

After Worlds last night we were talking about how old we were and the subject of testosterone came up. Naturally, someone said they thought 1/3 of ALL older cyclist, knowingly or not, regularly use some sort of drug defined as a PED by WADA/USADA.

I thought it would be interesting to see what a slice of TR thinks. I thought less than 10% but have no idea.

This poll includes ALL cyclist: Zwift/virtual, group riders/recreational, sanctioned racing, mountain, road, BMX, etc…

  • Less than 10%
  • 11%-20%
  • 21%-30%
  • 31%-40%
  • 41%-50%
  • More than 50%

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Considering there a limits to caffeine intake and cannabis use, I’ve gone for the highest option. Since I bet there are days when I’m well over the caffeine limit, and 10 years ago any limit for weed.

If this was only pro or “serious” amateurs then I think it would be lower as they’d take more care, supplements would be tested and so on.


Yeah perfect! Didn’t think about that…but this is definitely directed at all riders.

I have the Chris Froome starter kit. Does that count?


That’s funny. You and half the worlds population right now. Bad flu/viral season!

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Caffeine isnt banned. It’s a “watch” substance. Even when it was banned you’d have to drink a ton of coffee quickly to be over the limit.

THC is allowed to a more reasonable level than it was. CBD is no longer banned.

I tried to hit 250mg of caffeine in an hour just by drinking coffee…made me feel F-ing disgusting. Not advisable.

I think that there are many off the shelf and over the counter medications such as allergy meds that contained banned substances that would be seen on a drug screening. Unknowingly and unintentionally, I would bet a good percentage of people would “fail” or at least be flagged in a WADA test.