Polarized training: what's next

I’m currently following the 6 week polarized plan.

After this plan is finished, should I continue with the usual Base plan (Sweetspot) and after that Build plan? My goal is merely to increase my FTP and be prepared for the next season (March 2022).

The 6 week POL plan is the “Base”. The 8 week POL plan is the “Build”. So that should be next.

Read the descriptions in the plans to see this info. Presumably you would pick a Specialty phase of your preference after the 8 week plan.

Ok thanks and apologies. I’m a non-native English speaker and I read over the key words base and build. Why not name the 6 week plan something like Polarized Base and the 8 week plan something like Polarized Build. Would probably make it clearer?


Yeah, you’re not the first to missed that info. I made that suggestion right after they introduced them, because there were questions and confusion right from the start.

Worth tagging @IvyAudrain again, to make sure the team knows this issue and may be open to updating the names.


Agree that plan titles could be clearer.

And this should only require renaming, no new coding required.

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TR also suggests you could do it again if time permits:

“Polarized Base has one six-week block. If time permits, repeat this block a second time for a total of twelve weeks. Repeating the block with a new FTP will help ensure you are progressively building your base fitness.”