Experimental Polarized Plan Progression


Had a search through the forums and didn’t come up with anything, so I thought I’d ask.

If we load in an 8 week ‘experimental’ high volume polarised training plan, upon completion, what is the natural progression expected? Do we just run the program again, or do we move on to a build block?

I’ve done polarised training whilst training for ultra distance running events and normally you complete the plan then rest, start again…

Reading the current description on TrainerRoad, it doesn’t elude to what they’d expect the progression to be after collecting the athlete data. Would they like (expect) to see people volunteering to do the polarised plans to keep repeating them?

I think that is the general understanding.

The description of the 6 week plan is for BASE, and the 8 week plan is for BUILD.

Presumably, the proper progression is to do the 6 week BASE plan, then the 8 week BUILD plan, and finish with a SPECIALTY plan of your choice to match your discipline or preference.

I don’t think pure repetition is implied or useful when you consider typical periodization of a complete training plan. Following a typical Base, Build & Specialty progression seems useful like most other training methodologies.


Cheers, I hadn’t seen the ‘base’ and ‘build’ wording.

Thanks for clarifying.


These plans really need to be renamed to make it clear what they are. I missed this too when I first looked at them.

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