Polar M450 not displaying power/Assioma

Just purchased Assioma pedals. Followed the instructions and set up & calibration went fine. But, power is not displaying on Polar M450 (I’ll get a new computer next month), which is bluetooth only, but compatible. I contacted Polar, and was told, "The calibration w/new Assioma software 3.00 needs a workaround. After connection (bike icon indicating OK) crank shall be rotated by at least one revolution, calibration will become successful after that.

Does anyone have an M450? Did you have the same issue?



Have you conducted the instruction stated in page 9th of usual manual?

“On the first installation, Assioma will not send any power data to the bike computer
until it has completed the internal self-calibration. Assioma self-calibrates while
cycling by making a few tens of complete pedal strokes. To speed up the procedure, it
is advisable to cycle seated, at a uniform pace and on a leveled road. Self-calibration
can be considered completed once Assioma sends the power data to the bike

My experience was the self-calibration took me around 500 meters or 1 -2 minutes or tens of pedaling.

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