Installing Favero Assioma Pedals

I seem to remember reading somewhere that after installing these type of pedals you have to do a couple of hard standing sprints to sort of “bed them in” properly to ensure that they give consistent power readings between installations. Does anyone know if this is true, a cycling myth or did I in fact just dream about it?

I never heard that. Also I did not do it when I installed mine and they have worked fine for two years.

Power Readings also align fine with my kickr


That is a generally true statement about most power meters. Installing and then the initial use may cause the related surfaces to settle into their “final state” from use under load, which is often different from the install process.

This is all essentially handled if you apply proper zero offset procedures, of doing them before each ride or workout.


No need to do anything funky. Stick them in hand tight, and then nip up with the Allen key. Coming from the Vector 2s, these are a dream to install.


I switch them between 4 bikes (dedicated trainer, road, gravel, tri) - as someone else said “finger tight” and a quick tighten with the wrench and they are good to go. The key is to calibrate (zero offset) every time. The only time I have seen accuracy issues is when I have forgotten that step. Otherwise I use the same head unit (outdoors) and Ipad (indoors).

I switch mine between two bikes and the one gotcha I have is that my two bikes have different crank arm lengths. You want to be sure that you’re setting those each time or your power levels will be wrong.

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I calibrate mine before each ride but have never seen anything displayed except “0” after the calibration. Do any of you get a value different than “0”? Not complaining, just curious.

I want to say they only effectively return success (0) or not (-1). I think I saw a -1 once when I accidentally hit calibrate while starting pedaling (and it obviously failed cal).

Maybe someone else can confirm… calling @GPLama or @dcrainmaker ?

always a “0” on the Wahoo Bolt and always “-1” on TR


You are correct. I looked through the manual and it says:

• Make sure that the zero offset adjustment was successful; usually the display shows a confirmation message or a 0 (zero).

Assioma DUO always return 0 for me on my current test setup (Edge 830 for those pedals).

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LOL. When I did my initial leisurely ride around the neighborhood in casual shorts and a t-shirt my pedals were reporting something like 900+ watts. I could tell from the get-go I was going to love them but after a few minutes reality set in and they were reporting my usual meagerly low power output :frowning:


Just a short ride (a few minutes) with consistent rpm by sitting position for internal self-calibration. Not “hard standing sprint”.


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Many thanks for all your replies. I must have dreamt it.