Polar H10 HRM dropping out

Doing Kitumbeine this morning and found my Polar HRM kept dropping out through the workout. If I went into “my devices” I could reads manually but would the just drop out again.

Any ideas?

I know this will sound a bit basic, but on the small number of occasions when mine has been intermittent or dropped out completely, it was because I had not clipped in one side of the unit properly.

The other possibility could be dried sweat. Both unit and band can under record HR if not washed after each use.

I use moisture cream on my H10 strap after wetting it to keep it moist. Seems to stop drop outs. Also periodically remove the battery and touch both contacts, the method for restting the unit.

I have had this problem. Some suggestions. 1) Make sure you detach the pod from the strap after every use. 2) If I get dropouts, every time I hand washed the strap and let it completely dry out. 3) Make sure no corrosion on the pod snaps. I would say that if this doesn’t solve it, contact Polar for a possible replacement.