Podcast transcripts?

Any chance we’ll ever get podcast transcripts? The podcast is really good but I rarely have the opportunity to pay attention to two hours of anything. And right now I’m trying to remember what amber was saying about a cat 3 vs cat 2 TSS (yes, I know, a generalization I should not put all my stock in) and based on the table of contents (appreciate that!!) it looks like it’s somewhere between 40 minutes in and 90 minutes in… My chances of finding it feel low. But with a quick ctrl+f of a transcript, I’d already know!

Could be automatic to create:

Then search:

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I thought I noticed that a podcast DID have a transcript recently. Did this happen? Would be a huge improvement in terms of making the word-for-word content of each 90 to 120 minute podcast searchable on the web.

Last I looked on the blog.trainerroad.com site, you would have the full text for an episode that has been available for a while.

Checking in now that I am at my PC, even the latest podcast seems to have the transcript added:

It seems the best way to get to these is use the search tool at the top, type in “Episode ###” and you should get the one you want. I have no idea how far back this goes to which episodes do/don’t have the transcripts, but it’s easy enough to search.

Hey folks :slight_smile: We have some transcripts on the blog, but not for every episode. I upload transcript files to our Youtube streams. If you go to show transcript, you should be able to ctrl+f to find what you’re looking for!