Podcast question - 'doing' food?

I’ve noticed that @Nate_Pearson refers to ‘doing’ food as opposed to eating it - for example he’ll say ‘At lunch I’ll do a sweet potato and I’ll also do a recovery shake after my ride’.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’m absolutely not here to criticise the use of language (it makes perfect sense) but I am curious whether it’s a piece of regional dialect or just a personal quirk.


I haven’t really noticed it but I think it’s just more of a personal quirk. Kind of like answering the question “what are you doing for dinner?” And maybe he feels it encompasses all of make, prepare, and eat. Similar to saying “I’m gonna have a sweet potato”.

Might also be tied to him seeing food as simply utilitarian and just a way to fuel your body.

Whenever I order food dining out, it’s usually “I’ll do the ______”. I don’t think there’s any hidden/utilitarian meaning behind it, maybe more of an American English dialect thing

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