Battery indicator

Does the battery indicator actually signify anything? Spent 30 mins at the crack of dawn trying to get powermeter to register power with the indicator indicating 50% so totally discounted battery strength but hey guess what, 30 mins later and battery changed we’re into a 50% reduced workout. Raging.

Good question, my power meters also always show 50%, doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new battery or about to die…

Which powermeter?

My stages only knows 100%, 50%, dead.

The better indicator is when I start to see power dropouts, that’s when its nearly empty.

Powertap G3 hub, irony is I’d used it at a race less than 12 hours earlier.
So, is it actually an indicator of charge or just shows that the device is paired?

I have Stages gen3, and the new TR software for Mac always says its battery is at 18%. I change its battery when I get dropouts.

I have a staged Gen3 and the TR app always shows the same middleish percentage and the stages app always says I have full battery level. The only thing that gave me a reasonably accurate indication is my Garmin 800 said “low power meter battery” (or something like that) after about 3 months of pretty consistent use.

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Boy was I mad this morning, thought I was getting an hour but PM kept pairing but then lost signal as I was calibrating. Kept thinking, can’t be the battery, unplugged my Ant+ dongle, restarted app repeatedly before resorting to a speculative battery change. Ended up with a 30 min session :sleepy:

There’s a bit more information on this thread:



Download the PowerTap app. That indicator actually works.

Mine does the same on my vector 2s

Do you mean Rouvy?

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Every year I do the annual swap out of all CR2032 batteries… Speed sensor, cadence sensor, Quarq PM, HR Strap… Not sure what percentage they have left, but know if I didn’t do this then they’d start playing up and maybe fail at the least inconvenient time!

Annual? :open_mouth: , I’m more often than that, HRM seems to last quite a long time mind.

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All have lasted the year, but reference the Quarq, I’ve only had that since Oct 2018 and haven’t done a battery swap yet, so hoping that will be the same. Not yet looked at battery level, maybe I should!

Guess I could have been buying good batteries :wink: Never purchased on price alone though last lot I purchased in March were direct from Panasonic, pack of twenty for £6.20 so price was good. So far I’ve not used any from this batch in my devices other than some additional cheap button lights. I’ll see how good these are over the next year when swap comes around.

Reference HR straps I have around 5 but only swap out the one I regularly use… the rest are spare and when I’ve occasionally used one I find they are still active after many years. Really should remove the batteries in case they were to leak.

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So apart from Rouvy is there nothing for Android?

That’s all there is for a “supported” app option with respect to PowerTap products.

Other PM apps may pick up the hub and give better battery info, but I’ve not tested them.

Also, since PowerTap now lives under the SRAM roof, I expect changes for app support in the near future.

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I do wonder about the future of ‘Powertap’ products tbh, the pros don’t use them and there are cheaper and equally accurate products out there now.

Indeed, but that is a topic worthy of it’s own thread and discussion :slight_smile:

Yes this is what I mean.