Lesson learned: Check your PM battery before a long ride!

So, I’ve been getting strange PM readings for some weeks now. Figured it was probably the battery, but held off changing it. Well, I was caught out well & truly today at Mile 12 of a 56 mile ride. The battery finally died!!! A tough lesson in life. Don’t procrastinate!


FYI, you can see the battery level for your stuff in the “Devices” section of the TR app.

Worth a check before riding inside or outside.

Thanks Chad, but I’ve been experiencing mixed battery level status on the TR app. Not really sure I can trust the app to give me a true reading.

Same with me but I don’t think it’s just on the app. I’ll start a ride and the battery will be %20 but by the end it’s %40. I think the battery sends a false reading when it’s cold.


Always nice to welcome another member to the school of hard knocks! :rofl: While I’ve had my share of problems on the bike, luckily my head unit gives a warning when power meter battery is at 5%. The only time I pay attention to head unit warnings!


Thanks again Chad. I agree that checking the battery level is something I shall now do on a regular basis. Using the Stages Power App gives a pretty good estimate of remaining battery life, plus allows a regular check of the status of the Firmware version.

Stages say this about the battery life indicator: “This battery indicator will display green from the time the battery is new until it starts to run low, then changes to yellow when the battery has only 15-20%, and red at 5% or less power remaining. Keep in mind that battery life is being estimated and that expected remaining time can vary slightly.”

My Garmin Edge 810 / Garmin Edge 130 head units only give a warning at 5% battery life remaining. If I’d checked before I set out, I could have swapped out the old battery. Lesson learnt for the future!

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