Plateauing or burning out like me? This graph helped me understand why

@Janhein I’ve only briefly been at 3W/kg (April-June 2017), otherwise always below and in the 2.7-2.9W/kg range.

Overlaying my data onto your chart, I’m really having trouble figuring out how to reconcile my data:

Raw data, simplified:

  • IF 4-week moving average = light gray dashed line
  • FTP 3-week moving average = yellow line
  • Duration 4-week moving average = dark grey solid line

With weekly IF:

With weekly duration:

Your thoughts?

edit: Answering my own question… if I dropped down to my ‘very little upper body muscle’ weight at 18 years old, when graduating from high school, and my power didn’t decrease/increase, my current W/kg would be 3.5 ish.