Planet X Carnac Kronos TT helmet?

Anyone have experience with this helmet? Price is amazing.

If you have, are there any additional import taxes I need to be aware of for US?

Thank you.

I used to be on their US team when they had a wharehouse in Portland…I have ordered quite a bit from them over the years and never had to pay addtional taxes.

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Obviously a Kask Bambino knock-off…I have never seen any data or feedback on this helmet, but Jim @ Ero Sports has said that for most people, A bambino doesn’t test great unless you have your head below your shoulders.

That said, if you are currently using a road helmet, or even an aero road helmet, this would almost certainly be faster…and at a great price.

May wanna check and make sure it passes the safety standards where you are…didn’t see any info about that.

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A lot of folk are using them on the UK TT scene and seem to like them.

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All helmets sold in the EU have the same regulations. Planet x are no different. I have friends who are really pleased with the quality of their helmets. And anything I’ve bought from them is very good value for money.

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I have one. It’s fine for up to a 40k TT but I wouldn’t wear it for longer rides. It’s basic. I got mine really cheap a few years ago with numerous different lenses. The lenses are great by the way, very clear and easy to change. I’m a 57 in headgear and the medium is spot on. HTH.

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Thanks for the input everyone! I just placed the order! A TT helmet for $58 is too good to pass (for me). I’ve been looking at TT helmets with visor, but could not justify the $300-$400 price tag. I have the Bontrager Ballista, but when in the aggressive time trial position, the pointy end of the helmet sticks out in the air. It’s also hard to see through my Oakley M frame. Good to know the Bambino Pro is meant for the low position.

I’m planning to use it for 40k TT’s and less. If I ever decide to do an IM again, I can stick to my Ballista at a less aggressive position.

may I ask why you recommend up to 40k? Is it the ventilation? Thank you.

I used a Bambino w/o the visor in my first IM and it was great…based on that, and what I see in this helmet, I wouldn’t think twice about using it for an IM.


My friend who uses the Carnac helmet claims it doesn’t mist up like my Bambino with the visor. IIRC the Carnac also has a better range of visors too :+1:

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For me the Carnac didn’t test as well as a bontrager velocis, kali tavo, or BBB tithon. And those helmets aren’t TT helmets so that gives you some idea. But if you like the original bambino I’d say it’s comparable.

The more I test and participate in other folks testing the more I’m impressed by how different helmets can be depending on the rider…one ubiquitous helmet that seems to be pretty good on every head is the bell javelin. Not the best but always better than just an aero road helmet & pretty reasonably priced.

The bambino might be good on some heads but on mine it’s worse than just an aero road helmet.

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Ventilation is good. Padding is good. For me though the rear cradle is just a little too high so that the edge of the cradle rubs against my scalp. I have no hair so it might be that is the issue. As someone else has also said, the edge of the straps can feel a bit rough too. I would say, if I needed another helmet I’d buy one of these again without hesitation.